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World Festival “Folkloriada”2020 be ready !

Dear Friends!

In the summer of 2020, there will be a World Festival “Folkloriada” going on. It’s like a musical "Olympiads", which also takes place every 4 years. This is the world's largest international festival, where each country shows the beauty of its national culture.

It will be an incredible ethnic show with performers from different parts of the world. Deep Forest is also ready to take part in this festival.

Last folklore festivals had already been held in the Netherlands, Japan, Hungary, South Korea and Mexico and will be held for the first time in Russia, the Republic of Bashkiria. It’s a hinterland in the heart of Russia, located in a unique place close to Ural Mountains, right in the middle of Europe and Asia. It has a boundless sea of forests, beautiful mountain and steppe landscapes. The capital of the Bashkiria is Ufa, the city with more than a 1 mln inhabitants. All of them are people of more than a 100 nationalities and religions, bearers of various ancient cultures, a small Babylon! So, it is logical that the folklore Festival will be held in such a place. I was there a year ago at the international festival "Heart of Eurasia", and these places inspired me to create the track "Brassy Sunrise", where the voice of the young Bashkir singer Zilya Bakhtiyeva sounds so naturally. I invite you to come there as a tourist or a participant of the festival! Where else can you see the whole colorful world at once? In the attached video you will find the coordinates of this place and a short info about Bashkiria. Listen to our album “Epic Circiuts” and my favorite track “Brassy Sunrise”!

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