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The first album Deep Forest Cd Cover
the Cd cover from the album World Mix
Artwork from the album Boheme
Artwork from the album Comparsa
Artwork from the album Deep Forest Live in Japan
Artwork from the album Deep Forest Pacific
Arrtwork from Deep Forest Music Detected
Artwork from the album deep  brasil first version
Artwork from Deep India cover
Artwork from Deep Africa Cover
Art work from Evo Devo Cover Deep Forest
Art work from Deep Symphonic Deep Forest cover
 Art work fromDeep Forest Live at EMM Studio cover
picture of Eric Mouquet Deep Forest Grammy Award producer composer
Aer work from Deep Forest Gaudi cover
Art work from Deep Forest Eponymous cover
Art work from Deep Forest Burning cover 2023
Grammy Award


Eric Mouquet, First French artist to win a Grammy Award in 1995 for the album "Bohème" (Best World Music Album), a World Music Awards, and an MTV Awards.

Deep Forest is one of the pioneer groups of electronic music and world music, founded by composer, musician, producer Eric Mouquet.

Deep Forest has been a major influence for many EDM artists, from Robert Babicz, Sainte Vie, Fakear, SAMIFATI, Onuka and more.

As a producer and composer Eric has collaborated with Josh Groban, Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, Joe Zawinul, Lokua Kanza, Fakear, Blick Bassy, Gaudi, Chitose Hajime, Rahul Sharma, Sa Ding Ding to name a few, multiplying experiences and encounters with musicians from all over the world. He is also an amateur astronome renowned for his deep-sky photos.

Deep Forest is a subtle crossbreeding of Electronic, Ethnic, Jazz, Classical, Epic sounds and compositions inspired by the World.

Deep Forest Live in China
Picture of Eric Mouquet Deep Forest
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