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Flore movie by Jean Albert Lievre music Eric Mouquet won an award in LA

The movie won yesterday a "Best documentary Award" at LA Festival.

I'm very proud of being part of this beautiful and moving movie with some music I scored.

The main theme song "Flore song" feat Sara Schiralli.

A bit about this movie:

In this inspiring and intensely personal documentary,filmmaker Jean-Albert Lièvre confronts his mother’sAlzheimer’s disease. At first, Flore is placed in a specializedinstitution and, with her condition getting worse, wasdestined to a prison like facility, medicated to a state ofnear-stupor. Watching her condition steadily decline,Lièvre, heartbroken and desperate, takes Flore out of theinstitution in a wheelchair and installs her in a house inCorsica. There, surrounded by the sea, the sun and thewind, and no longer medicated, she begins to walk, smileand even paint again. Chronicling Flore’s life over threeyears, he learns that the debilitating condition is notsomething you die with, it’s something you live with. Whatbegan with a cell phone camera recording the negativeeffects of drugs, became a touching film about hope,about recovering dignity, and ultimately, about a son’sgratitude.

A must see... Eric Mouquet

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