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Deep Forest Live@EMM Studio

Cd Limited edition available in the STORE section

Deep Forest Live at EMM Studio (France)

This concert was recorded and Streamed live in February 2021

Eric Mouquet :Keyboards

Alune Wade : Bass

Inor Sotolongo : Percussions

Romane Beaugrand : Cello

Hermine Huguenel : Mezzo Soprano

Recorded by Joseph Beaugrand

Mixed an mastered by Eric Mouquet

Video Direction


Martin Pouchard - Jean Lignerat

Video Mapping

Christophe Duquesne

Technical Management

Artisans du Spectacle

Remy Pinault - Eloi Potié

Light Designer Eloi Potié

Cover of the Deep Forest CD Live at EMM Studio
Live at EMM studio cover


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