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The first album Deep Forest Cd Cover
the Cd cover from the album World Mix
Artwork from the album Boheme
Artwork from the album Comparsa
Artwork from the album Deep Forest Live in Japan
Artwork from the album Deep Forest Pacific
Arrtwork from Deep Forest Music Detected
Artwork from the album deep  brasil first version
Artwork from Deep India cover
Artwork from Deep Africa Cover
Art work from Evo Devo Cover Deep Forest
Art work from Deep Symphonic Deep Forest cover
 Art work fromDeep Forest Live at EMM Studio cover
picture of Eric Mouquet Deep Forest Grammy Award producer composer
Aer work from Deep Forest Gaudi cover
Art work from Deep Forest Eponymous cover
Art work from Deep Forest Burning cover 2023
Grammy Award
Deep Forest Live in China
Picture of Eric Mouquet Deep Forest

Deep Forest’s story began in the North of France in the early 90s.

Fascinated by ethnic music, jazz and electro vibes, they had the talent to mix it with their own sounds. And so, Deep Forest was born.

Their albums have sold over 10 million copies.

In 1992 their first self-titled album was released with “Sweet Lullaby being the smash single bringing Deep Forest on the world stage.

Deep Forest created a new kind of electronic world music, sometimes called ethnic electronica. Their sound has been described as “ethno-introspective ambient world music”.

In 1993, they released the album World Mix (Sony Music)

In 1994, Deep Forest was nominated for a Grammy Award in Best World Music Album category.

In 1995, their album Boheme (Sony Music) won the prestigious Grammy Award. Thus, Deep Forest was the first French band to win a Grammy.

In 1995, the band also became the World Music Awards Winner for accomplishing the highest world sales as a French group.

In 1995, they collaborated with Peter Gabriel on the song While the earth Sleeps for the movie Strange days (Cathryn Bigelow)

From 1996 to 2002 Deep Forest sold more than 4 million albums (Sony Music) and they performed live all around the world.

1997 Deep Forest released Comparsa (Sony Music)

1999 Deep Forest released Made in Japan (live album recorded in Japan) (Sony Music)

2000 Deep Forest released Pacifique (Sony Music)

2002 Deep Forest released Music Detected (Sony Music)

Deep Forest composed various music for movies and did a lot of collaborations and remixes with international artists such as Youssou N’Dour, Cesaria Evora, Jon Anderson, Sally Oldfield or  Chitose Hajime

The year 2003 saw Eric Mouquet collaborating with Josh Groban on the album Closer (more than 7 million copies). (Warner)

2003-2005 Eric composed and produced for various artists: Ana Torroja (Mecano) Spain (BMG), Lion King / Lebo M France (BMG), Catherine Lara France (Une Musique /TF1), Jean Sebastien Lavoie Canada, to name a few. (Universal)

2004 Kusa no Ran (music for Japanese Movie) (Sony Music)

In 2005, Michel Sanchez left the band to start his solo career.

Eric Mouquet continues to captivate the crowds with Deep Forest.

2006 He collaborated again with Josh Groban on the album Awake (another top selling album). Herbie Hancock played his famed electric piano on the song "Machine".

2007 Eric moved his recording studio to the south of France.

It was also the launch of Eric’s own label imprint Deep Projects.

2008 Deep Forest produced and released Deep Brasil: this album was a collaboration with a Brazilian artist Flavio Dell Isola.

2008 Eric produced La Boheme featuring Josh Groban and the respected Charles Aznavour.

2009 – 2011 Deep Forest performed in various countries and collaborated with the Chinese artist Sa Ding Ding and the Japanese artist Mell

2012 Eric Collaborated with the legendary Joe Zawinul's band "Syndicate" on the album "Files under Zawinul".

He also composed and produced tracks for the amazing drummer Paco Sery on the album " La vraie Vie".

2013 Deep Forest released “Deep Africa” (Universal)

Deep Africa featured African artists: Lokua Kanza, Blick Bassy, Olyza Zamati, Wasis Diop, Zama Magudulela, Dany de Mouataba.

Deep Africa seamlessly fused Mouquet’s atmospheric compositions with a spiritual and rhythmic mélange of African chanting, percussions and the sounds of nature.

Deep Africa sifted like sand through the continent’s vast landscape of sound, character, expression and timeless emotion while subtly enveloping it in Mouquet’s unique layers of sound.

2014 Deep Forest released an intriguing album titled ‘Deep India’ (Sony Music) in collaboration with India’s pride Santoor player Rahul Sharma.

The “Deep India” album consisted of eight brand new compositions that capture the rhythms of folk melodies from across the country and to each track received a special ‘Deep Forest’ treatment.

The music picked its inspiration from ethnic folk songs that are rooted within the regions of Jammu, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Northeast and South India among others.

2015 Deep Forest performed concerts in various countries​

2016 Deep Forest released the album Evo Devo and performed it on stage featuring the Russian vocal band Oyme 

2017 Deep Forest and Gaudi released the album Epic Circuits

Deep Forest participated on a track for the Ukrainian band ONUKA.

2018 Deep Forest performed on stage in Russia, Chili, Canada, China, Australia and New Zealand. 

2019 Deep Forest performed in China.

2020 release of Deep Formosa, a collaboration with Taiwanese artists, produced by Eric Mouquet for the label Wind Music.

2020 Deep Forest and Maria Matveeva won the World Russian Award for the project Siberian Trilogy.

2020 release of the album Deep Symphonic: An epic journey through electronic and symphonic arrangements of some of the most iconic Deep Forest songs.

This album was mixed with the “Ambidio looking glass” technology, providing an immersive experience with stereo speakers.

2021 release of the album Eponymous: Iconic Deep Forest songs revisited and remastered.

2022 release of the album Live @ EMM Studio: This concert was recorded and streamed live in February 2021

2022 release of Kojo no Tsuki with the Japanese artist Tsuji, they performed together at the prestigious venue l’Olympia in Paris.

2023 release of the album Burning

This masterpiece is the culmination of a fervent collaboration with the rising stars of the electro realm, including the scintillating talents of Fakear, Samifati, Alune Wade, some remixes by Delaurentis, Robert Babicz.

Deep Forest stands as the unassailable icon of the French Touch movement, casting an enduring influence over successive generations of electronic music.

2023 : Deep Ocean, a collaboration with Delaurentis for a caritative project.

2024 : Crystal Clear Modular, a collaboration with Olivier Delevingne, music based on Modular Synthesizer.

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