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On October 26th, Deep Forest new album BURNING will be released. This masterpiece is the culmination of a fervent collaboration with the rising stars of the electro realm, including the scintillating talents of Fakear, Samifati, Alune Wade, some remixes by Delaurentis, Robert Babicz, and a constellation of others will be announced soon. As a dazzling coda, a global tour of electric proportions is on the horizon, illuminating stages from the summer of 2023 well into the subsequent season.

Al30-year journey. Conceived in 1994 by the visionary Eric Mouquet, Deep Forest etched their name in history by becoming the pioneering French electro ensemble to grasp the coveted Grammy Award for Best World Music Album. With 10 million albums sold and an astonishing 100 million streams recorded, Deep Forest stands as the unassailable icon of the French Touch movement, casting an enduring influence over successive generations of electronic music.


Do not miss this electrifying engagement—tune in to Deep Forest and immerse yourself in a musical odyssey destined to raise the temperature! ??? #DeepForest30 #BurningTour2023

Celebrating Deep Forest 30th anniversary, Deep Forest is the Pioneer of electronic music and French Touch.

Performed, recorded, Mixed, Master by Eric Mouquet

Michael Geyre Accordeon

Alune Wade Bass

Fakear Various Samples

SAMIFATI Violin, Various Samples

Deep Forest Burning

20,00 €Prix
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